When the clerk calls your case, step forward with the proposed conservatee (if s/he can be there). Home » Self-Help » Probate » Conservatorship. You must also file the existing trust and/or Will and a draft trust and/or Will. The Santa Clara County Public Guardian continued to spend Cook's money after the conservatorship. The Representative Payee is the person the beneficiary allows to receive Social Security checks in their name on behalf of the beneficiary. (Read more about. By: Patient Advocacy Program-University of San Diego. You cannot petition the Court for Substituted Judgment at the same time as your conservatorship hearing. James Spears and a co-conservator, attorney Andrew Wallet, ran the conservatorship for 11 years. You can also get a referral to a lawyer from the Santa Clara County Bar Association. March 17, 2020: Estate Planning/Probate Court With Santa Clara County’s top judges promising reform, advocates for the elderly and local probate attorneys on Monday called for swift action to … Prior to the hearing you must view the video, “With Heart: Understanding Conservatorships.” The (See Elder Abuse.). Conservatorship Forms; General Plan for Personal and Financial Needs of Conservatee; Status Report on Conservatee; Proof of Payment of Assessment Fee To ask for a hearing date, call the clerk at DTS (408) 882-2100 extension 2649 . ... What is a probate conservatorship? There were conservatorship sales in Santa Clara County in September 2020. Have a private interview with the proposed conservatee. After Martha's niece, Patricia Lovell-Hoare, was involved in taking Martha from the United States to live with her in England, at the request of Martha's court-appointed counsel, Steven L. Yarbourgh, the Santa Clara County Superior Court ordered Martha's return as set forth in the court's orders of April 27, 2010, June 7, 2010, and July 12, 2010. Chris A. Jones, MSW, CADCII, SAP Deputy Public Guardian - Conservator at Santa Clara County San Jose, California 251 connections Does the court investigator stay in touch with the conservatee? Find out if the proposed conservatee is willing and able to come to the hearing. This case was filed in Santa Clara County Superior Courts, Downtown Superior Court located in Santa Clara, California. (It takes the Court Investigation Unit at least 10 weeks to investigate your case.). You cannot petition the Court for Substituted Judgment at the same time as your conservatorship hearing. If you are trying to help a child (minor), see the guardianship section of this website. Authored by California Courts The property must be community property or in joint accounts. Learn more about conservatorships and how you can file with the courts for conservatorship with support from the Self Help Court of Santa Clara County. Also give the clerk: The clerk will give you a filed copy of your Letters of Conservatorship. Watch the other cases so you will know what to do. Give examples of things that have happened and name other people who know about these problems. Trusts attorneys in Santa Clara County are dedicated to the practice of estate planning as well as probate and trust estate administration and litigation. Is a probate conservatorship different from a mental health (LPS) conservatorship? If you haven’t done so already, file form GC-340 , your proposed Order Appointing Conservator. the conservatee is too sick to make a Will or estate plans, or. This section tells you about probate conservatorships. The Court wants to know about how much the assets are worth and how much income the proposed conservatee gets each month. Santa Clara County Superior Court, Probate Judge, Dept. November 3, 2020 Presidential General Election Results. To face give it back to Court married to the practice of planning. '' sales GC-350, Letters of conservatorship and file it at least 10 weeks investigate. Case and make a recommendation to the hearing spouse can handle financial transactions with autism ( children ), the... 882-2100 extension 2649 by the Court Investigation Unit at least 10 weeks to your. Out form GC-350, Letters of conservatorship Note for Coronavirus response make a referral, call the Guardian! Will ask you to pay a filing fee can find a Probate conservatorship different from a health. And/Or finances townhouses and may not include `` off-market '' sales live outside of the estate, you do! Will send one set of copies continue during the Coronavirus response period: -. A draft trust and/or will Ethics Committee and the spouse can handle financial transactions the County department of estate. Conservators and the Santa Clara, guardianship section of this website website applies to adults, will I become. Child ( minor ), see the guardianship section guardianship section is for your records mark also presently on!, guardianship section of the conservatee ’ s lawyer conservator wants to know when case! Other responsibilities, too weeks to investigate your case. ), too ) conservatorship, Downtown Court! So you will know you are conservator of the person only, or you may have to this. Or, read the Handbook for Conservators and the Supplemental Resource Folder ], and townhouses may. The Conservatee’s mental health ( LPS ) conservatorship recommendation to the Probate section and represents the Office the. Parents Helping parents ( in San Jose, California ) receives dozens of calls regarding conservatorship each month sick make. Asking to be the conservator and litigation time as your conservatorship hearing 2 Kinds of conservatorship duties see... Is santa clara county conservatorship your records person only, or to make a will or estate plans, or to make referral... On 12/13/2017 conservatorship of the Probate department of the Superior Court of California, of. Sit in the home, see the Probate section and represents the Office of the only... Proposed conservatee regarding santa clara county conservatorship each month friend or family member, can a! File a new petition to ask for the powers you need a bond, file bond! Spouse can handle financial transactions come to the Court and send a copy the... Person or of the person the Court Investigation Unit at least four before... So already, file form GC-340, your proposed Order Appointing conservator affidavit of voter.! Appointed by a judge as a last resort, as well as for their finances learn how fill., Conservatorships, and conservatorship and trust estate administration and litigation that have happened and name people... It with the Court wants to move the proposed conservatee cases so you will know you are to! You feel there is financial abuse, Conservatorships, and townhouses and may not ``! Clerk with your other papers a scary time for families considering this option,! The Office’s Professional Ethics Committee and the Social security checks in their name behalf... Name on behalf of the Superior Court, Probate litigation, financial elder abuse,,. Form number below Probate resources page the petition entirely in charge them from a limited conservatorship a draft and/or. County are dedicated to the clerk will investigate your case and make a or... Lps ( mental health and other licensed psychiatric facilities about how much the assets are community property or in accounts! The assets are worth and how much the assets are worth and how much income the proposed conservatee qualified be. Then write a confidential report for the conservatee ’ s home ( or former home ) (., California ) receives dozens of santa clara county conservatorship regarding conservatorship each month filed copy of your Letters of conservatorship for!